Halfway Through my Soul

by Primrose

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Morgan Laliberte - Guitar/vocals
Drew Vizzachero - Guitar/vocals
Tony Froio - cajon/percussion

Recorded at shattered sound with Chris Henault
Artwork by Rene Fleming


released January 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Primrose Charlton, Massachusetts

Nothing blooms in the winter


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Track Name: Play God
Halfway through my soul
I felt better letting you
Mold and take me whole
sometimes passive is better than being lonely
but you can crash waves on
the fragile sides of me
Ill play malleable sand
you play god and i'll run free

tugging at my heart
trying to let go
Don't know where to start
Baby you must know
Cant get you off my mind
its hard to realize
have to let go
I guess the past is better than being lonely

too much to ask, can't take or give back
I guess i have to accept otherwise i'm filled with lonely regrets
So i'll play god and you run free
Let go of all of me

When you loosen your grip
i'll let my temper slip
let my intentions cascade
and leave you feelin sorry
Track Name: Dreamcatcher
I'm feeling trapped, unwrapped
I don't want to be everything you lack
Piece myself back together
I'll fall apart under rainy weather
You sift me like grains of sand
Pick the gold from all i am
So i'm left just rocks and waste
Got your shadow looming over me

You wore out my soul
when i walked with you
You built me up and broke me down
just to see what you could put me through

You're a dreamcatcher
Stealing all that's beautiful
Hang above my head
Keep me feeling pitiful

Your silhouette like a sharpened knife
You sever me from the sun in life
catch my dreams cut up my seams
Leave me battered, worn, in disbelief
When i try to sleep you stab at me
A garden of thorns and you plant the seed
wrap the vines around my chest
With you in mind im second best
Track Name: Whip-poor-will
I see Lightning in your eyes every time you cry
My minds a hurricane, i wish i could stay sane
but that's too much to ask and now were drowning so fast
so let the waves crash on as you continue along
don't come crawling back to me when you're neck deep in the sea

of tears that you create
I guess i never believed in fate
Because you learn love is hard
and they tell you to move on
and you know that feels so wrong

Swallow me whole into the dark unknown let me drown
See what we find you're just a memory and i cant seem
to let go of you and me
As the waves crash down I can't seem to be found
Somewhere lost at sea you're surrounding me
Your love is drowning me
and i'm drowning in your love

And i can't seem, to find my way up

You're a soul
carrying around a corpse
a bag of bones
I don't think you can escape
so float on and float away
We can't be together
in this life anyways
Track Name: Open up
So you stay safe inside your skin
Keep the light where you're hiding
Said my hearts out on my sleeve
But it's winter now and i'm about to freeze

So i'll throw on an old coat threadbare and worn
and i'll keep searching for arms that bear warmth
because you're so chilling the wind is howling
I'm dying to feel alive while you're just existing

And this lackluster state has me less than okay
Used to control my life now I gave it to fate
I swore to myself i'd never feel like a ghost
So why is presence a shadow at most

if you'd open up, show your petals to the sun
Feel the warmth on your back, feel the ache of new love
But you hide yourself, crawl under the earth
What's the point of affection if all ends in hurt

So when the Light Floods in at the sunrise
will i still curse who i was beforetime
Or will i lie awake aimlessly waiting
watching as my existence repines

Wondering if maybe you're alright
If there's still some darkness in your mind
If my heart was stone, and you left me along
Maybe i'd end up fine